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Picture:  Dr. Frank J. Brady, Jr - Board Certified Podiatrist -SurgeryHealthy feet are invaluable to your lifestyle

— throughout your life.

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It’s easy to take your foot health care for granted, no matter your age. However, from the time each of us learns to walk, our feet are the primary means of providing the mobility that is crucial to living an active lifestyle. Every day, our feet carry us for miles, absorbing the pressures of the lifestyle we choose – be it sports, shopping, dancing, hiking, or just getting us to the places we need and want to go. A 2006 study found that the average adult takes 9,448 steps per day, while those 65 years and older take around 6,565 steps per day.

As we age, the remarkable utility of the foot is increasingly subject to a variety of traumas and threats, as well as the gradual natural deterioration that is part of the aging process.

Our feet are highly important, we should consider extra attention and health care for them as we age. This extends their utility by detecting and correcting conditions that would otherwise over time limit our lifestyles. In some instances, the condition causes damage that builds up and worsens over time. But in most cases, the conditions are treatable – sports-related injuries and conditions, corns and calluses, and ingrown nails, for example — leaving patients little reason to tolerate problems. People of all ages should consider developing a relationship with a skilled podiatrist, such as Dr. Frank Brady, as part of a strategy to foot health care, and keep your feet feeling younger.

Click here for a summary of the major threats to our feet throughout our early years, starting with athletic activities.

Pain is Never Normal

“My feet hurt!” “I can’t walk!”
“I hurt my foot!” “I have a bunion!”
“My nail is ingrowing!” “My nails are ugly, thick and discolored!”

and Sometimes the Lack of Pain Can be a Serious Problem.

“My toes are numb!” “I have a wound on my foot that does not hurt!”
“My feet are cold!” “My feet tingle!”
“I am a diabetic.” Click here: FREE Diabetic Foot Risk Exam.

Foot discomfort is never normal. Whether it’s heel pain with your first step out of bed in the morning, a sprained ankle slowing you down,  or numbness and tingling in your feet, Dr. Frank Brady is here to help.

You do not have to suffer from foot pain anymore!  Dr. Brady’s  podiatrist office is dedicated to all of your foot and ankle needs. We understand that experiencing a foot problem can be inconvenient and painful. Our aim is to get you healthy and pain free as quickly as medically possible. Same day appointments are often available. Please call 973-669-1119 to contact the West Orange or Morristown office end your discomfort today!

We are experienced in all areas of foot care:

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