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Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment

The two key components are stretching and support.

You can augment support by either increasing control of the foot from below or reducing the load. If you are overweight a loss of as little as 5 pounds can give dramatic results. Foot supports or prescription orthotics control the foot from in the shoe. If you are in sever pain and this condition is interfering with your daily life see a Podiatrist immediately. Continue Reading

Eleanor Hacket

Just a corn between my toes / Each hour of the day it grows and grows,
A remedy is near, go see Dr. Brady, / To him I will go before the pain drives me crazy.
Corn is now gone, God bless his hands. / Our Dr. Brady.

Rate MD review

Great Doctor. I don’t wait long for an appointment and I don’t wait longer in the waiting area.

Wanda R.

Dr. Brady’s is an expert in his field and I couldn’t be happier with his services.
His bed side manner is good, and the office staff is helpful and great with follow up!

Cha E.

I like Dr.Brady & his staff for really helping me. They treated me like a person, and not by the brand of my insurance.

Rate MD review

Dr. Brady fit me in to his schedule last minute on a Friday because I had an emergency.
He had a great bedside manner, was so helpful and very knowledgeable! He was great! I would strongly recommend him to anyone!

Paul Parker

Dr. Brady has really put the spring back in my step! I’ve been fighting a battle with hammer toes on both feet.
After a thorough review of my needs he fitted me with orthotics which made a difference immediately.

Christopher Azzari

I had some callus build up and was worried I was doing something wrong when I was exercising. Dr. Frank assured me it was just normal wear and tear. No big issues going on. He scaled down the callus and got my feet good as new! Thanks Dr. Frank.
I expect to be going every 3 months or so for a foot tune up.



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Tendon tears or ruptures, Wounds