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Laser Pain Therapy

Laser Pain Therapy

Photobiomodulation Laser Therapy (LLT)

Treating Underlying Conditions for Effective Pain Management with Photobiomodulation Laser Therapy

Cold Laser/ Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLT)

For Health and Well-Being

As a leading laser therapy expert, we offer non-surgical cold laser/low-level laser therapy (Photobiomodulation) for safe and efficient healing from a variety of health conditions. Our qualified, trained, and experienced therapists provide personalized cold laser treatment that gives you long-term relief from the pain associated with a broad range of health conditions. 

Through our advanced non-invasive low-level laser therapy, we significantly reduce your pain, improve the time required for healing and restore your mobility and internal well-being. Our experts are passionate about helping you lead a pain-free life, so you can make the most of it.  

What Is Cold Laser/Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Cold laser/low-level laser therapy, also referred to as Photobiomodulation laser treatment, uses low-intensity laser pulses that penetrate through cells within tissues to stimulate the process of healing. It is used for treating a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions, reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, and promote mobility and functionality.  

Based on the laser’s capability to cause damage to eyes, the US government has classified cold laser in different classes. At our facility, we use the most powerful Class IV cold laser, which is recommended only for professional use. We strictly follow all laser safety and treatment protocols at our clinic to ensure the utmost safety of our patients.

How LLT (Low-Level Laser treatment) Works?

An innovative Cold laser is an FDA approved procedure that used advanced hand-held laser devices. Depending on the treatment area size and intensity of pain condition, it is placed directly on the target injured or painful body area for few to several minutes in varying intensities.

The cold laser equipment emits non-thermal light photons that pass through the layers of skin without causing any damage to the skin cells. Once it passes through the skin layers, it reaches the precise target area within tissues.

Cells absorb the light, which stimulates the natural healing process inside them. This promotes intracellular metabolism, which normalizes the function of injured tissues leading to a reduction in pain, edema, and inflammation while promoting speedy healing.

Conditions Which Cold Laser Can Effectively Treat

Cold Laser/ LLT  or Photobiomodulation laser therapy is capable of stimulating all types of cells, which include ligaments, muscles, nerves, cartilage, etc. It means that cold laser therapy can effectively treat a large number of health conditions. Some commonly treated pain conditions including but not limited to, the following:

  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis pain
  • Low in back pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Knee pain
  • Tarsal  tunnel syndrome
  • Neuroma pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Heel pain
  • General foot pain

Benefits of Using Photobiomodulation laser or Cold Laser Therapy 

The use of cold laser or Photobiomodulation laser therapy offers a wide range of benefits to the patients, which include the following: 

  • Painless and quick treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Clinically proven effectiveness for a wide variety of health conditions
  • Eliminates pain
  • Easily applicable to any area of the body
  • Improves the process of internal healing
  • Stimulate cell growth and repair of tissues
  • Non-invasive and non-toxic
  • Provides relief from musculoskeletal pain 
  • No known drug interactions and adverse effects
  • Decreases the need for medications
  • Often remove the need for surgical interventions
  • Restore normal body functions and motion range
  • An effective alternative treatment option for patients who fail to respond to other treatments

Move On the Path of Pain-Free Life with Us

 As an experienced and recognized laser treatment provider, we provide personalized cold laser treatment to our patients. On your first visit, our expert identifies and evaluates your condition. Based on our evaluation, we determine if cold laser treatment is a suitable option for you or not. We educate you about laser treatment and also discuss other treatment options if needed.

Once we determine that photobiomodulation is beneficial for you, we provide you with initial Free trial treatment. If you feel better after having the first treatment, we together work out your laser treatment plan. Most patients feel improvement after just a single treatment. However, depending on your condition, we may recommend 8 to 12 treatment sessions to obtain longer-lasting pain-relief results.

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